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Dumnezeu lucreaza cu oameni si prin oameni... voi sunteti oameni lui Dumnezeu!

5.0 rating

Multumim! Ne protejam de cand l am luat si nu am luat covid.

Adriana Toma

Miracolul naturii

5.0 rating

Dacă aș putea să strig in gura mare să fiu auzită pe tot globul aș face o cu toată inima pentru ca toți bolnavii de covid să si ia acest ulei miracol…Si nu exagerez cu nimic când îl numesc miracol…Eu personal am covid și de trei zile îl folosesc ,este wau nu mi vine să cred cât de mult mi sa îmbunătățit starea…Oamenii buni cumpărați l cu toată încrederea…Felicitări celor care l au făcut…Dar să nu uităm să i mulțumim lui Dumnezeu pentru minunile naturii din care a fost făcut.

Urs Monica

Suuupeeer !

5.0 rating

Mi-a ajuns coletul exact in ziua in care aveam temperatura 38, din momentul in care l-am folosit , febra a inceput sa scada si nici nu am mai avut . Mi-am revenit foarte repede din gripa ( sau covid se pare dupa simptomele avute ). Recomand !



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Am cumparat initial 2 flacoane, apoi inca 10. Am oferit acest produs multor persoane si am primit raspunsuri pozitive extraordinare. Nu exagerez! Acest produs trateaza foarte multe simtome. A tratat durerile de cap, de piept si ale aparatului digestiv in cateva minute.
Eu il folosesc de doua ori pe saptamana preventiv.

Vasile Popescu

la ce se refera

5.0 rating

Eu cred in medicina romaneasca !Am aproape 40 de ani in DIR SANITARA !In tinerete un medic care lucra in Laborator mi a preparat un autovaccin pentru sinusita cu efecte f bune din acest motiv cred in acest tratament !l-am comandat ,l am primit cred in el de 2 zile il folosesc !Prima data nu am stiut si am simtit o usturime ,apoi am aflat ca asa reactionez daca sunt virusi ,a doua zi am fost in oras si l am folosit iarasi! PRIMELE OBSERVATII SUNT CA RESPIR MAI BINE SI S AU OPRIT SECRETIILE NAZALE !VA VOI TINE LA CURENT DAR PENTRU INCEPUT AM SPERANTE CA SCAP SI DE RAMASITELE DE SINUSITA !SUCCES !

Ileana Micsa


Do you have any questions? Please fell free to let us have them if the answer is not already below. We will be delighted to answer to them..

What it is

ELLE OIL’S dvb is a solution that through its compounds has antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties based on high molecular weight essential oil extracts, obtained by biotechnological means without content of Genetically Modified Organisms and organic proteins.

What it is used for?

ELLE OIL’S dvb is a solution that through its compounds has antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties based on high molecular weight essential oil extracts, obtained by biotechnological means without content of Genetically Modified Organisms and organic proteins.


ELLE OIL’S dvb disinfectant solution is indicated in the adjuvant treatment of the upper respiratory tract diseases: nose, sinuses, nasopharynx, rhinitis, including infection with Staphylococcus aureus in the nose and Candida oropharyngeal (Candida albicans), both in acute and chronic phases , ante and post-viral or caused by environmental pollutants; flu or cold syndromes; congestive condition in the upper respiratory system (sinusitis, dysphagia, laryngitis and pharyngitis, aphonia, cough).


Herbal essential oil, composed of 12 essential extracts: Shogaol, β-pinene, cineol, rosemary, thymol, Alpha-Pinene, citronellal, Abies, Ketone Esters, Boneol, phellandrene, terpene.

Dose, method and period of administration

Adults and children over 6 years: one individual bottle for each person, used as needed.
Remove the flooded device / stick in the ELLE OIL’S dvb solution and grease it at the entrance of each nostril (vestibule) at the base, not deep, under the nose, and under the lower lip.
For each application, flood the device / stick each time.
The bottle has a device / stick that allows a gradation that corresponds to the optimal dose of use.
Do not exceed the recommended dose. The solution should be administered with the device attached inside the lid. The lubricating and emollient action facilitates the easy use of the ELLE OIL’S dvb solution.

When it is not recommended

The use of ELLE OIL’S dvb solution is not recommended in children under 6 years of age. Not recommended for people with a history of hypersensitivity or allergies to one or more of the ingredients in the ELLE OIL’S dvb solution. Caution for people with asthma. Do not apply near the eyes, do not apply to open wounds or mucous membranes.

When you should apply it and for how long

The ELLE OIL’S dvb solution can be used at any time of the day, without specific time and hour restrictions. The duration of use depends on the evolution of symptoms; if necessary, the ELLE OIL’S dvb solution can be used for extended periods. It is not addictive.

Special Precautions

CAREFUL!!! Keep out of reach of children.

Avoid contact with the eyes.

In case of accidental ingestion of ELLE OIL’S dvb solution, do not induce vomiting. Administer a glass of skim milk or a few tablespoons of edible vegetable oil and seek for medical advice.


ELLE OIL’S dvb disinfectant solution comes in the form of an oily solution. The package contains 1 bottle of 1 ml, with 100+ uses.

Instructions of use

Wash your hands and do the following:
1. Unfold the vial and use as directed above.
2. The bottle is for personal use, not to be lent or used to another person.
3. Store in the dark.
4. Closes well after each use.

Interations with other products

The interactions with other products are not known. It is possible to use the ELLE OIL’S dvb solution in combination with medical devices or medicines, after consulting your doctor.

Unwanted effects

Use of all topical products, especially for long-term use, may cause sensitization. If this occurs, stop using it and consult a doctor to start appropriate therapy. If other side effects occur, tell your doctor or pharmacist.
If a slight sting is felt after application for 2-4 seconds, this is a normal reaction, and confirms the existence of bacteria or viruses in the upper respiratory tract. This discomfort is short-lived, during which time the bactericidal or viral infection is disinfected.
In general, if the manufacturer’s recommendations are followed, ELLE OIL’S dvb is well tolerated. Intolerance reactions requiring discontinuation of administration and special therapeutic measures may occur.

Validity, Conditions, Manufacturer

Validity Terms: 24 months from the date of manufacture, do not use after the expiry date.

The physico-chemical analysis of the product was performed in accordance with the provisions of Ph Eur 9.0 monograph “ESSENTIAL OIL’S”.

Storage conditions: protected from sunlight, at a temperature between -15 and + 40 ° C.

Manufacturer: SHAMANIC APOTHECARY S.R.L, Str. Italy no. 4, Chiajna, Ilfov County

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